Lesson 2 - The Earth: our Hub and our Matrix

In this first part of the program, we'll be focusing our cyclical awareness on the turning of the four seasons. But we'll also ground ourselves in the invisible fifth 'season' or phase, without which the other seasons could not turn. In the Chinese Five Elements framework, this is the Earth phase.

Earth is the hub around which our four seasons turn, the transitional space between each season (our 'crossovers') and the Mother Earth matrix that runs through, nourishes, contains and supports everything.

In this lesson, I'll talk on some of the ways we might connect with this Earthy aspect within us, including:

  • Our relationship to ground, gravity and space (4:20)
  • Our midline (9:05)
  • Our pelvis and pelvic floor (14:15)
  • Our connective tissue or fascia (15.40)

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