Lesson 9 - Practice - Restorative Practices to Recharge Kidneys (2 Videos)

Nourish Yourself at Moontime

The restorative practices in this lesson can be used any time, but are perfect for:

  • Moontime - menstruation or (if you don’t menstruate) the lowest energy point in your cycle.
  • New Moon (which may or may not coincide with your Moontime).

They are also ideal:

  • Any time you just feel the desire to nurture yourself.
  • Times when you are generally feeling drained and exhausted, when perhaps you have been doing too much and need to recharge your batteries (your Kidneys).
  • When you are convalescing from illness.
  • If you want to rebalance your hormones.

(I'll be talking about Moontime here, but what I say is just as relevant in these cases).

Remember that menstruation is not meant to be painful.

We have come to believe that pain is normal in menstruation, but this is not true. Any pain, discomfort or other symptoms are signs of some imbalance that your body is trying to communicate with you.

These practices promote relaxation and softness, helping the blood and energy to flow more smoothly in your pelvis and thus to ease any discomfort or pain and to restore harmony in ovaries and womb.

When we relax, all of our issues are being addressed as it gives our wise body the space to reset and access its own natural healing resources. I invite you to trust that this is so, rather than feeling you must always hone in on and fix a specific problem.

For this reason, regular deep relaxation is the best way to deal with stressful life challenges and to turn around any chronic health problems. It is also fundamental for dealing with hormonal imbalance.

When you rest in these poses, let your awareness gently spread through your body, then imagine that all the challenges, the striving and the shrillness of your life are over. Really let it all go (if it helps, just put your responsibilities, worries etc one by one in an imaginary box outside the door or up on a shelf, so you can pick up whatever needs dealing with later). Notice the tension that all that weight of life creates in your body’s tissues and let that go.

As your body and your mind slip into neutral, you come home to the depths of Yin. This is a space of gentle tenderness with yourself and the gateway to reconnecting with who you really are and to accessing your feminine power. In this state of heightened intuition, the right answers come forth and your creativity is restored.

Remember that Moontime is a time for nourishment in all kinds of ways.

So be gentle with yourself, pamper yourself!

Ask yourself: “If I had all the time and resources in the world, what would be the things I would most love to do for myself during my Moontime?” Make a list. Then commit to giving yourself at least 10% of that next time your Moontime comes round.

I recommend that you keep your self-pampering as healthy as you can. But without being military about it! So, if it suits you, indulge your less healthful desires in moderation …

I am aware that I commented in one earlier video in this Module on TV not being restful. This does not mean you should never do it. Just don’t confuse it with Kidney-nurturing stillness and relaxation.

Moontime is definitely a time for letting things slip a bit. So ease off on your to-do list and on your daily responsibilities and housework chores. If you can, get someone else to cook for you!

Above all, take some pleasure in being a bit lazy, knowing that you deserve it, that you are worth it and that you’ll reap the benefits later.

Yoga Practice Guidelines during Menstruation

Menstruation Yoga practice guidelines_.pdf

Restorative Practice 1

Restorative Practice 2