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Empowerment Practices for Women of All Ages

This 13-module Yoga and self-care program is a transformative road-map for all women wanting to discover the secret of living a healthy, empowered and thriving life in our male-skewed world.

Why this road map?

Because it hits me time and time again when working with women how easy it is for us to mistake taking men on at their own game for empowerment.

So many women rush around taking care of the needs of others in their busy career- or family-focused lives. But they find little time for their own self-care.

Even women with all the trappings of 'success' often tell me how drained, empty, in pain or disconnected from themselves they feel.

I'm rarely surprised, because one key ingredient is missing from their lives: honouring their cyclical reality as women.

Without this, women (whatever our age) can never truly thrive.

But our linear culture has taught us to neglect or even despise our cyclical gift. So instead we strive to get ahead by mimicking the male power model, which ends up sucking us dry.

Push-on-through lifestyles are making us ill

A recent client of mine had struggled with fertility problems and now complained of:

  • Back pain

  • Debilitating menstrual symptoms as she navigated her menopause

  • A sense of being ‘lost’, stuck and overwhelmed by her non-stop lifestyle

  • A feeling of disconnection from any feminine softness or rhythm in her life

She acknowledged how she had never much liked her body and its female processes (menstruation - ‘just a nuisance’; menstrual blood - ‘yuck’).

She had simply over-ridden any symptoms that threatened to slow her down with gritted teeth and medication.

And she had taken pride in being just as reliable, tough and successful as any man.

I totally related to her story! For me, it took two years of no menstruation and four years of infertility in my early 30s to make me realise that the push-on-through way I was then living was making me ill.

Cycles: the Source of our Feminine Power

For the reality is that we are not the same as men.

Men's energy reflects the stable presence of Sun, with its direct linear rays. Ours is aligned with Moon's cyclical waxing and waning.

So men can survive in our society's intensely competitive environment of non-stop busy-ness.

Women cannot. This culture wreaks havoc with our hormones and severely damages our health, our sense of well-being and our self-esteem.

Women embody nature’s cyclical turning in their menstrual cycles. Their echo - guided by the Moon's ebb and flow - remains with us after menopause and throughout our lives.

Our cycles are our essence, so we ignore them at our peril.

But ignore and suppress them we do. From low self-esteem to infertility to breast cancer to hot flushes, our myriad ‘women’s’ problems manifest our neglect.

Our Strength, not our Weakness

Early in my own healing journey, I learned the secret that has been kept from women for centuries: that there is a feminine alternative to our dominant patriarchal manifestation of power.

And the power of that feminine way lies in the very cycles we've been taught are our weakness.

I've been exploring this cyclical feminine way for nearly twenty years. Long ago it helped restore my fertility and brought colour back into my life. And now, in peri-menopause, my cycles (becoming more energetic than menstrual) continue to guide me.

It's my mission to bring the transformative secret of our cycles to light so other women can embrace a new way of relating to their feminine selves and of expressing their truth in the world.

It will never be enough to just demand our rights as women.

We cannot step into our authentic feminine power and start to thrive in health and life unless we ourselves:

  • Stop mistaking taking men on at their own game for empowerment.

  • Fall back in love with our cyclical reality and embrace our cycles as valuable - the source of our strength, not our weakness.

  • Honour the seasons of our cycles in the way we live our lives.

Retrieve the Wisdom of Your Cyclical Self

A person can only feel empowered if they live in line with their own essential nature.

So ask yourself this: How can you possibly feel truly strong and confident if you don't much like your cyclical essence or the natural processes of your own female body?

Stop ignoring or berating your cycle. Instead, dive deep into it.

Yes, I know this might sound like a tall order if you suffer from uncomfortable and distressing menstrual symptoms. And I understand your wariness.

But I also know from my own experience and that of many other woman that moving closer is the way to discover the hidden power that lies behind those symptoms. And to access the full richness of the cyclical inner guidance system that constantly feeds back to you whether you are meeting your own needs in your life.

Within that cycle, your body regularly calls you to pause in your busy life to listen in.

When you do this, you reconnect with the whole truth of who you are and what you want from life; only then, as your cycle's energy turns, can you radiate the gifts of our own unique way out into the world.

Right now, the male-skewed world is sorely deprived of our feminine gifts. We need to restore that balance for the sake of ourselves, humanity, all living beings and Mother Earth in these difficult times.

Need Support on Your Journey?

Perhaps you've already deeply felt this need. But you don't know where to start.

That's why I created my online program. As a roadmap to guide you.

But Yoga for Cyclical Well-being: Empowerment Practices for Women (YCW) is not for everyone. It is specifically for women (of all ages) who:

  • Want to live thriving lives that honour their cyclical reality

  • Are hungry to learn a new way of being that will transform their relationship with themselves

  • Are perhaps struggling with menstrual, fertility, menopausal or other health or well-being issues

  • Are ready to commit to doing what it takes to achieve real and lasting change

If that sounds like you, I commit to personally guide you step by step how to:

  • Fall back in love with yourself, your female body and its natural cyclical processes

  • Navigate the relentless demands of daily life as a woman with serenity and ease

  • Maintain and restore harmony and health in your mind and body on a daily basis

  • Balance your emotions and hormones for menstrual, fertile, menopausal well-being

  • Build the self-esteem and self-confidence to take your truest self out into the world

The YCW Program

This ground-breaking program combines theory and practice to give you the sure framework to decipher your body's signals AND the tools to rebalance any disharmony. And it shows you how to live in line with your ever-changing energy, instead of always struggling against it to get things done.

Its online format offers great benefits, including allowing for steady, ongoing practice and progress in the comfort of your own home.

But I won't leave you to fend for yourself in the virtual world. I'll be there right by your side, giving you the very best 1-2-1 and group support. You'll also be held and supported by the other like-minded women on the program.

The program centres around gentle women-centric Yoga, Qigong and self-care practices, founded in the cyclical rhythms of the Chinese Five Elements.

On my own journey, these proved my most powerful tools. So I’ve spent more than a decade honing my skills here, finding out what really works and what does not. Now I'm sharing with you just the essence of what I've learned so you can avoid all my time-wasting wrong turns on your way home to your true feminine power.

Here's a summary of what is included in the program:

  • Lifetime access to 13 modules of online videos - these include all the theory you need to start to care for your cyclical needs; and a rich selection of Yoga, breath and self-care practices, so you'll have something for all the different 'seasons' of your cycle. And you'll get all future additions and upgrades. (See Class Curriculum below for previews of program content).

  • One-year access to weekly group support calls and a private online group forum - our relaxed weekly calls are a precious and popular component of the program. They give us the chance to share and to listen, supporting each other and getting answers to any questions we may have.

  • Four 1-2-1 support calls - you can book these calls at any point through the program, whenever you feel you could benefit from some additional personalised support.

  • FREE BONUS OFFER - one free Yoga or Qigong class each teaching week with me in person in Cambridge, UK for one year (if you are local or anytime you can come!)

The YCW program will take you through the last 20 years of my experience at warp-speed to give you the true and lasting change you have been looking for.

If that sounds like something you could benefit from right now, book a call with me below to find out more and to see if the program really is for you.

Hear How the YCW Program is Changing Women's Lives

"Finally, after all these years, I allow myself to feel really like a woman, to feel connected … I recommend this program to everyone - it’s such an essential program that every woman should have in her life,” Kasia Miszczak​​

“One of the most important things I’ve done in the last 10 years … The most fundamental thing I’ve learned is to fall back in love with being a woman … I’ve become much more able to deal with so many things in my life, my health is better, I get less triggered by stuff … I cannot recommend it highly enough!” Lorien Holland

Your Instructor

Tiffany Bown
Tiffany Bown

Tiffany is a woman who has travelled from a place of neglecting her cyclical reality as a woman and natural being to a place of deep intimacy. Leaning into the cyclical rhythms within her and without has helped her navigate infertility, motherhood and all the challenges of daily life. She continues to trust them to work, guide and evolve her as she moves through menopause. As a Yoga and Qigong teacher, she is passionate about supporting other women of all ages to discover the initiatory power of their own inner seasons. She shares the essence of all that has healed and guided her to help others live their truest lives with groundedness, serenity and calm.

In the Class Curriculum below, you'll find the published modules of this 13-module program. Each module comprises both theory and practice lessons. I've made some of each available for you to preview (marked Preview on the right) to give you an insider view.

Course Curriculum

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So choose a convenient time for your call (or just email me if you can't find one).

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You can start the YCW Program whenever you wish (so, yes, you'll find women at different stages on the program). Then the precious course materials are yours forever (Yoga, Qigong and self-care practice videos, plus all theory videos and documents). But your access to the program's weekly group support calls, your four 1-2-1 support calls, the secret Facebook forum and free Cambridge Yoga or Qigong classes expire one year after you start the first module.
Do I need to have done Yoga before and/or to be fit and flexible?
A resounding no! Our movement practices are gentle and nurturing. And I will guide you step by step and encourage you to move with self-reverence and by feeling into the shapes you make from the inside out.
How long will it take me to complete the program?
That depends! There are probably an average of 5-6 hours of videos in each Module, some theory and some practice. There is also some Homework, in the form of Reflective Questions and suggested reading. Someone with time on their hands could get through one Module per week. But, given the transformative, body-based nature of the program, I recommend giving yourself a minimum of two weeks per Module to explore and repeat the related Yoga and self-care practices (which you can then of course come back to any time). You have up to one year to complete the program with my active support (through support calls and the forum), but have access to the videos forever.
Do I have to complete the Modules in order?
I recommend that you do for maximum benefit. But if there is a Module that relates directly to your personal situation, that's fine to also jump to that Module, while working steadily through the others.
When will all 13 Modules be available?
I am working steadily through completing the course content!
How does the weekly Group Support Call work?
We use online conferencing software, Zoom, for these calls. With this, we can all see and hear each other. Zoom is free and it's easy to set up and to access the call (I'll give you instructions and a call access code in the Quick Start Guide you'll receive when you sign up).

Are you ready to embrace a new feminine way?
This gentle revolution is restoring male-female balance in the world and providing role models for future generations of girls to greet their menstrual cycles with delight

Here's what others say about Tiffany's teaching:

" Tiffany's teaching pulls my life back into shape - an easier, more likeable, far lighter shape."

- Ashley S.

"This Yoga is underpinned by wisdom and compassion and the sheer joy of being a woman. It is inspiring ... The greatest benefit for me was to enjoy moving and stretching again without fear after slipping a disc - and to reconnect with myself, to value myself as a woman."

- Jo S.

"This has made such a big difference in lowering my stress levels and I've learned so much about how to nurture and look after myself."

- Katrina P.

" These practises have changed me profoundly - now I have self-reverence where before there was shame. I'm more comfortable in my own skin and the process of self-love has begun in earnest. Tiffany, this work is much needed at this time to help reawaken the sacred feminine in all of us. Deep gratitude to you and your offering."

- Alison G.

" Tiffany is a gentle and compassionate teacher. She lead us in a beautiful program that embraced feminine power and self-care and allowed for a lot of healing and introspection."

- Emily M.

If you want to stop striving and to start thriving, join the movement towards authentic feminine empowerment.

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